Parents: you never get this time again

Our tribe on the amazing Kings Canyon Rim Walk, NT
Our tribe on the amazing Kings Canyon Rim Walk, NT

“You only get 18 summers. One of the most valuable things I’ve learnt over the years from having 7 kids is this…

Do not miss out on school holidays with your kids. Because the truth is, you only get 18 summers with your kids. 

And once those summers are gone, they are gone. And then they are all grown up.

… I’d encourage you to take some time to plan some things this school holidays. It doesn’t have to be expensive. They want YOU and your time more than anything.

With kids, love is spelt T-I-M-E. They just want your time and attention …”

– Gavin Topp, “A Rite of Passage”

I love these words, and as now we have only one of our four kids left in the nest, it is something we try to impress fellow campers and families.

The best thing we ever did was take our four on a lap around Australia. I treasured those months of uninterrupted family time, sharing adventures. I thought I ‘knew’ our kids before we left. But I learnt so much more about each of them, squished in a motorhome, on our fabulous road trip.

Since school holidays are here – we have some fantastic spots to take the kids or grandkids camping… ferry across to a free camp on the Murray River, get up close and personal with farm animals in Queensland and camp beside a Tassie waterfall. For the brave of heart, we show you FREE camps in and near the snow!

Plus we show off a quirky village in WA and the best places to cool down in Darwin, NT!

Remember, you don’t need to have the most expensive set up – those stars and camp fires still look the same whether you have the biggest motorhome with all the extras – or a compact tent! Get out there and enjoy your family, and Australia!

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