Experience farm life at Myella Farm Stay, Baralaba, Queensland

Myella Farm Stay Carl, Lyn and Jose
Carl, Lyn and Jose

Update August 2022 – Myella is currently closed to camping.

This article was written for the GO WEST Stay with a Farmer Promotion after the droughts. Farms should be looking a bit greener these days, but our farmers still need our support! 

“When you come here, you are joining our family,” said Carl Hendrick. “We cook for you, we eat with you, and the bonus is we get a nice experience from you as well.

“We offer farm experiences and horse riding. If there is no mustering we’ll go on a trail ride. We cater for people with zero experience – there is training offered.”

Carl’s partner Lyn grew up on the farm with parents Peter and Olive Eather. Sadly, Peter passed away aged 86 years, Peter was the one who established their water systems for droughts such as this one.

Myella Farm Stay Horse Riding Tours to suit beginners
Myella Farm Stay Horse Riding Tours to suit beginners

“Yes, times are tough but we’re pushing on – life at Myella doesn’t stop. We’ve reduced stock numbers to conserve grass and water. We are selling another truck load – after today we’ll have 120 cattle left on the farm,” explained Carl.

He gave an example: “Recently guests came and stayed for a few days and did all our farm activities – they had a great time.

Before they left they told us, ‘we nearly cancelled because we didn’t think you’d be able to accommodate us’.

“I told them – don’t abandon us! We’ll let people know if we run out of water – whilst we are all having difficulties, we are open for business.”

Carl emphasised: “When the farm isn’t making any money, the farm stay will still be supporting us. Our business helps neighbouring communities. Baralaba township benefits from our visitors. We don’t want the town to slow down and die – everyone says, ‘thank God we’ve got the visitors’!”

Myella Farm Stay has all sorts of accommodation for all sorts of travellers – as well as activities, there are walking tracks, meals and powered camping sites. When you come you can be kept busy with farm tours, or you can relax watching the kangaroos on the grass or with a swim in the pool.

Drinking water is available, although vans and RVs can’t plug into the water supply. No pets – but there is a fireplace, laundry, cooking facilities and bathrooms.

Carl and Lyn invite you: “Only 90 minutes from Rockhampton – it’s not that far off the beaten track to come out to, and all fully sealed roads to the front gate.”

Myella is 21 km west of Rannes or 15 km east of Baralaba at 1591 Baralaba-Rannes Road.

CONTACT THEM ON 07 4998 1290.

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