New symbols for our latest App

It’s not long now! 150 RV travellers from around Australia are testing the BRAND NEW Version 4 of the Camps Australia Wide App. We have had excellent feedback to date. People are loving how simple it is to use and the new campsite icons.

In addition to the symbols you know in the App and Camps 10, we have added more for swimming nearby (like creeks, rivers, beach etc), fishing nearby, donation site, pets seasonal, 4WD only, generators allowed, laundry, glamping, gas bottle swap or top up and games/TV rooms.

Plus, check out our site type list (filters) and this map below.

In addition to the black moon and stars icon, public dump points, day use area and caravan parks – you can see at a glance whether a site in the App is a farm stay, a showground, RV park, pub stay, national park or state forest as well! Other sites are divided into free donation (the black moon and stars) or paid sites (grey moon and stars)!

If you want to search for a free site in the filters you use this symbol:

 Camps Australia Wide App V4.0 - New Free Site Symbol

and it will bring up sites across any of the site types – be it a black moon and stars (like rest or picnic areas), a state forest, pub stay or any site that is free! 

Once the App is released (hopefully in the next week or so) we’ll help with tutorials and live videos on how easy it is to use. We’re very excited – it has been months of development and planning to bring the best Camping App in Australia to life. We hope you are excited, too! 



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