New Queensland Station Stay – Gilberton Outback Retreat

If you really want to get away from it all, then set your GPS for Gilberton Station, the ultimate Outback retreat in Far North Queensland. Located on the banks of the Gilbert River and 450 km West of Townsville, it is an isolated 7th Generation working cattle property serving up an authentic Aussie experience.

This unexpected encounter offers both camping and luxury outback adventure with uninterrupted views of the Gilbert River.
Time stops here, so you won’t find mobile phone signal or powered sites (though they do allow generators). It’s truly a unique place and perfect for your camping bucket list!

Take the Kennedy Developmental Road from Hughenden past Porcupine Gorge. It’s 212 km to Oak Park/Gilberton Outback turn off then 118 km to the retreat on a gravel road.  Your hosts Rob and Lyn French allow any sort of vehicle, including tents as long as you are self-contained and have all your own amenities, carry a portaloo and leave nothing behind.

You must book ahead and check-in at the Homestead on arrival. You’ll be given a map and you are free to go on your way. The  “paddock” is 8kms by 6kms with the Gilbert River running through it and you can camp anywhere within the paddock. You can fish in the river during the early part of the year when the river is running.   Dogs are permitted, but the property is dingo baited, so you’ll need to take full responsibility for your pet’s safety.

The cost is $20 per person per night and children under 16 are free.  Station tours can be arranged as well as Aboriginal Art tours, History & Culture tours. . 

Whether you are seeking adventure or tranquillity, allow yourself time to fully appreciate all that Gilberton has to offer,  enjoying wilderness camping or the comforts of their luxury retreat. 

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