The Melbourne Cup is just one of those iconic Aussie events that is on bucket lists everywhere. 

Despite the rain, it lived up to our expectations. Mum and I arrived just before the deluge. Unfortunately our ticketed seat was right upstairs, with no cover. We managed to stay dry downstairs – except our feet and heels! But the puddly spot did have a good view of the track. 

A couple of hours later, the skies cleared, we wiped down our seats and sat back for the atmosphere and the excitement.

It was a long day – we whizzed back to the bus, straight after the main race. As we sat down, the heavens opened. And we smiled!

I’d be keen to hear about what other bucket lists events you think we should not miss out on. In the meantime, here’s 7 things we didn’t know about the Race that Stops the Nation

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