Where to stay – what to see and do in Yelarbon, Queensland

Painted Silo Yelarbon
Image Courtesy Kate Gilmore

When driving through Yelarbon, our daughter snapped the painted silo image. Little did she know I was well acquainted with the town, having worked for the Rural Allied Health Team in the 90s in the district. We would overnight in the Texas/Inglewood/Yelarbon/Yetman area every month. In between clients, we would pick up a sandwich from the service station, and picnic by the Lagoon.

Just across from the lagoon is a great community run RV stop, the Yelarbon Recreation Ground (QLD site 933 in #camps10 or find it on the Camps Australia Wide App.

I spoke to Heather from the Yelarbon Recreation Association who said the committee is making progress updating the grounds.

They now have a dedicated phone for the campsite: 0400 018 897 and instead of 24 hours, you can now camp here up to 2 weeks. Please update your books.

“We would love people to stay and spend in town. We are on severe water restrictions, we are struggling to keep the trees alive,” said Heather.

As well as a new ‘Dump Easy’ at the dump point, they have slowly added a coin operated laundry with 2 machines, and gas BBQ.

There is a small museum open on request. Generators are permitted, in the oval section, away from the powered sites.

Make sure you visit the Lagoon. It’s a nice place for a picnic or see the sunset over the water – and there is a skatepark for the kids.

Also say hi to the swan, relocated here by the “Twinnies” – animal rescuers from the Sunshine Coast with involvement by the school. It has a crooked leg, so was never suitable for release into the wild. The other 4 swans have flown away. Said Heather, “She’s very quiet and the most well fed swan you’ve ever seen!”

The painted silos are only recent, but popular to photograph. This is the first stage funded by drought assistance to increase visitation, with the second stage due for completion next year.

Yelarbon is a great little town, with about 300 locals. Here are some other things to see and do whilst you are here:

  • See the last post from the original dingo fence – ask for the map
  • Also on the outskirts of town, 500m on River Road is the plaque for the Spinifex grass – it is the only location for this species, as they are on the edge of the desert
  • General store with coffee, tea, sandwiches, pies and sausage rolls
  • Pub offers lunches and dinner
  • Granny Murphy’s next to the Memorial Hall has cakes, jam, craft and second hand goods
  • Post Office

The 15 members have regular meetings and working bees, with 5 members responsible for cleaning and checking.

Well done to the committee! It is great to have these budget friendly options provided by the community.



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