Last chance to camp under Pildappa

Pildappa Rock, South Australia - image Overland Exposure
Pildappa Rock, South Australia - image Overland Exposure

Favourite camping destination, Pildappa Rock in South Australia will temporarily close from Australia Day, 2024. It will reopen on April 1 as a day use only area.

However, the good news is a new budget priced camping area, on private land is planned next door.

Craig Midgley, the Economic and Community Development Manager at Wudinna Council said, ”You’ll be able to walk 100 yards to Pildappa Rock, from the new campground.”

“We want to keep campers at Pildappa. It is an iconic site.”

We asked Craig why the changes were required. He said, ”Unfortunately, Pildappa is being heavily used at the expense of the whole reserve. It has been ‘loved to death’. It is more than a rock, we need to protect the entire reserve, its flora and fauna.”

He explained, the region is vast, arid and remote. Wudinna is located in the northern section of Eyre Peninsula, close to the unique Gawler Ranges National Park. Council workers cover huge distances and the maintenance required for camping at Pildappa with the increase in use is more than Council and the community can afford.

“More than 99% of campers do the right thing, however we’ve had to take a hard line to keep this a favourite place.”

The two month refurbishment of the site will include:

  • Internal track and car park works (including track to the new bush camping node)
  • Renewal and refurbishment of facilities on the reserve including BBQ and shelter, seats, toilets and bins
  • Reinstatement of the walking trail around the base of the rock and better definition of other trails on the reserve
  • New signage including directional ‘wayfinding’ signage to guide visitors to the site
  • Landscaping and revegetation works

Pildappa Rock has good access to the highway, great views – and for now until January 26, you can camp around it.

Craig also said another favourite camping spot is Tcharkuldu Rock, near Minnipa. Also a donation site, it is pet friendly with a toilet.

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Images by Overland Exposure.

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