Keep designated RV parking for RVs!

We took these photos at the southern turn off to Maclean, NSW, beside a gallery and eatery with visitor facilities. It was here we swapped our L driver back into the hot seat to crank more hours up, before he was back to school. 

To our dismay, we found the RV parking area FULL of cars, one motor home, no caravans. RVs had found some longer areas beside the river. Meanwhile, there were plenty of spaces for cars in the regular carpark, closest the centre. 

Now, I know this is not the first time I’ve seen this. I am sure many of you will agree it happens far too often. In our home town for instance, there are excellent sized spots in our surf club car park, near the lookout, and only across the road from shops. So often we see it clogged with cars – when there are ample parks for them a few metres away. 

It is such a disappointment when the effort has gone into allocation, signage and promotion of parking spaces for RV travellers. But what do you do?