Hike and camp at Southern Lost City, Northern Territory

When you look at these amazing photos, can you believe this is a site you can camp at?

This budget national park site is 4WD only – suitable for caravans, tents (including roof tops and swags) and camper trailers. You’ll find toilets, picnic tables and fire pits. It is not pet friendly and generators are not permitted at night.

Karen Putna shared her photos of the park and said, “Southern Lost City (is) between Lorella Springs and Butterfly Falls on the Savannah Way. An amazing 2/3 hour walk to do the circuit.”

If you want to be remote, or like hiking, fishing or birdwatching then experience Limmen National Park in the Northern Territory.

The lost city sandstone formations make for a fascinating walk in the intriguing pillars.

The park is an annual favourite for barramundi fishers and 4WD enthusiasts. The Roper, Towns and Limmen Bight Rivers flow east into the Gulf of Carpentaria and offer plenty of fishing.

There are river systems and wetlands, culture and history. However, Butterfly Falls (another camping area) is the only safe swimming area but is seasonal and can stop flowing in the Dry Season.

There is no pre-booking. Camping fees apply and are payable on-site (so bring your change), however an online booking system is due to commence.

Visitors must be fully self-reliant, ensuring enough food and fuel for the 522km stretch between Mataranka and Cape Crawford.

With to the east, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy fishing. The many lagoons close to the main road are a bird watcher’s delight and the of host some of the Park’s more notable wildlife.

Please note: Western Lost City is accessible by high 4WD, and requires a code from the Nathan River Ranger Station.

You also can camp at Munbililla (Tomato Island), Limmen Bight River, Towns River, Butterfly Falls, Didi Baba, Yurrlmundji or Mountain Creek.

Images courtesy Karen Putna

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