‘GO WEST and stay with a farmer’ raises over $2000

Hurrah – in less than a week, we have already raised over $2000 for Drought Angels. They will provide grocery and fuel cards to drought-afflicted families in farming communities across Australia.

Camps Australia WIde is asking Aussies like you to GO WEST and stay with a farmer. And we make it easy!

We profile 10 farm or station stays in drought affected areas in NSW and QLD in a professionally produced downloadable document. These farms are already listed in our Camps Australia Wide books/app (for free).

The PDF is available for free or you can choose to donate online for your copy. 

Already over 1500 guides have been downloaded. Which is wonderful, because our aim is not just to raise funds for farmers in drought affected areas, but to increase visitation to the drought areas! We want to inspire travellers to inject tourist dollars into these regions over 2020, and provide a real boost to locals and local business.

Some of these farms have also had fires nearby, and one farmer’s two sons have been off-farm fighting fires… With these extreme weather conditions, we don’t want drought affected areas to think they have been forgotten.

So go have some fun! Book a farmstay today! Better still take the tour we have outlined for you.  At this stage you can access your free downloadable guide via Messenger. You do not need to be on Facebook to utilise this. However, if you prefer not to use Messenger (where we are also accepting donations for Drought Angels) then stay tuned, because you will be able to download your free guide soon …



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