Free camp at Caliguel Lagoon, Queensland

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“Thank you Michelle Gilmore for your post on Caliguel Lagoon free camp near Condamine QLD … Had it not been for that tip we would never have known about it and would have missed out on the most relaxing few days we could have dreamed of last week!” –
Donna Burt

Donna cautioned swimming here, as there were lots of snags under the muddy water. Of course, the river levels change so please be aware. She did say: “Plenty of room for the kids to run and play… and if you have some form of floating vessel the river is huge.”

Over the last of couple of years, Western Downs Council added a new camp kitchen. It is equipped with electric BBQ plates and sink.

There is a playground and a communal firepit! This site has toilets, is pet friendly, and the bird life prolific!

Sites are also marked out with bollards now on a gravel surface.

Western Downs Council has also upgraded Chinchilla Weir, Tara Lagoon Parklands, Lake Broadwater near Dalby and Waterloo Plains Environmental Park, Wandoan. Not only that,  most are pet friendly.

Do stop in at Condamine and support the roadhouse there. Across the road you’ll find the Condamine Bell. Pioneers used bullock bells to keep track of their beasts across unfenced and vast country.

This one is a bit large for a bullock, but the big bell celebrates the history of town. Samuel William Jones made the first successful bell on the Condamine River. Word is, it could be heard over 11 km away!
Miles is half an hour drive from the lagoon if you need more groceries, plus it also has an interesting private camp with war history…

You can find all these camps in the Camps Australia Wide App and guides. Images are by Donna Burt from I Love Camping Australia Wide, the CAMPS App and from our own CAMPS AUSTRALIA WIDE travels.

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