Free camp and relive history at The Maryanne, Yuleba, Queensland

The last Cobb & Co coach service in Australia travelled 76 km from Surat to Yuleba in 1924.  In Yuleba, check out the The Cobb & Co Wall before you set out. You can learn about the horse drawn carriages, the changing stations and the coach run if you drive the Cobb & Co Way, as you travel along this route.

Just 16 km along this road, look out for a sign – you can stop for up to 48 hours beside Maryanne Creek. Originally a campsite for bullock wagons – the large windmill and watering hole was an integral part of the stock route.

Go past the windmill and follow the track to the lagoon and large, open area. You can still see the machinery from when the council used it as a gravel storage area.

Today you might catch a yabby, cool off with a swim and read the history signage. The man made dam attracts birdlife, too. You can fossick for opalised wood, petrified palm wood and agate.

This lovely site is suitable for self contained RVs, with room for Big Rigs, mobile coverage and shade. Pets are allowed. Please use existing firepit areas.

Note: the windmill can be noisy, you may wish to camp further away. Not all sites are level.

Make sure you stop at the other historical sites and read the signs along the Cobb & Co Way. At Waldegrave Station, closer to the Condamine Highway, I read about Mrs Loder’s culinary talents with roast goat and prickly pear jelly! They were known as one of the best changing houses, where she served travellers dinner in her dining room.

Yuleba does a wonderful job of welcoming RV travellers, with 3 more freedom camps – Judds Lagoon, Old Yuleba, Yuleba East Rest Area, surrounding town and Yuleba Hotel also welcomes campers. In nearby Wallumbilla, you can camp at the caravan park or showgrounds and we recommend the Wallumbilla Hotel for a hearty feed. 

Once you arrive in Surat – check out the Cobb & Co Changing Station Museum in the centre of town. 

Images of The Maryanne by @road_tripping_rolphs

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