2 camps at Lake Leslie, Warwick, Queensland

Lake Leslie Dam Lookout, Queensland
Lake Leslie Dam Lookout

Heatley has never seen more water in Leslie Dam! I remember a picnic at Lake Leslie (as it is widely known) with his extended family (they lived locally). The creek area we all swam at has ‘no swimming’ signs there now – but it is still a lovely picnic area.

We started at the lookout. For us, it was a perfect breakfast stop, as it wasn’t busy.

We walked the dam wall…

The spillway was super impressive!

There is a nice picnic area here near the dam wall (with amenities).

Make sure you stop and say hi to Mr and Mrs Leslie in the rock sculptures.

The ‘Mt Rushmore’ like pics are sculptures of pioneers, Patrick Leslie and his wife Catherine (Kate). Leslie and his two brothers (Walter and George) were the first European settlers on the Darling Downs.

In 1847 the NSW government asked Leslie to select a site for a town on Canning Downs station – now called Warwick!

Much of the water supply for Warwick is drawn from Leslie Dam, named after Patrick Leslie.

We also checked out the two camping areas:

Lake Leslie Tourist Park, Warwick, QLD
Lake Leslie Tourist Park, Warwick, QLD

Lake Leslie Tourist Park is a Kui Park, pet friendly with lots of amenities. It is closer to the dam wall and day use areas.

Lake Leslie, Washpool Camping Reserve Warwick, QLD
Lake Leslie, Washpool Camping Reserve Warwick, QLD

Washpool Camping Reserve does not allow pets. It is right on the lake, a few kilometers further down from the caravan park. Power is available. Check out the video.

North of the highway, you can also camp at Sandy Creek Pub. It is a free site for patrons, just 9km away.

All are listed in our CAMPS AUSTRALIA WIDE App and guides. The lake really is looking spectacular at the moment.

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