Day Trips: Buderim Waterfall, Sunshine Coast, Queensland

We checked out beautiful Buderim Forest Park and Buderim Falls (Sunshine Coast, Qld) this morning.  I’ve always wanted to see it, as we dropped our youngest off at soccer we had an hour before the game.

Off Quorn Place, there is the shorter circuit walk – with lots of steps and quite steep in places.

We veered left and could hear people chattering and the water. There’s a lovely big bridge across which gives great views of the falls.

If we had our togs and more time you’d wander down to the waterhole and cascades.

Instead we kept in the path above the stream, until it met the other track and brought you up to the picnic grounds at the top.

Highly recommend! A must do on the Sunshine Coast!

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Buderim Waterfall, Sunshine Coast, Queensland
Heatley checks out the view



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