Cooper Creek Caramel Choc Chip Ice Cream

A perfect summer recipe from the Camps Australia Wide Community Cookbook, David R Jones is pictured creating this recipe at Lawn Hill Gorge, (known as Boodjamulla, QLD site 388 in Camps 10). However, he first made this recipe camped at Kudrimitchie on the Cooper (SA site 691 in Camps 10). He said, sitting around the campfire eating it was wonderful.

Both sites can also be found on the Camps Australia Wide App.

David recommends Devondale UHF thickened cream or standard thickened cream. He also adds, ‘Make it at home for a dinner party – it is that good …’

600ml thickened cream
1 can Nestle Top ‘n’ Fill caramel
10 Flake bars
1 bottle of Ice Magic

Beaters – hand or electric
Slicon loaf tin – this is ideal, but whatever you have will be fine
Baking Paper

Line the loaf tin with baking paper. I tear off a sheet and then place it under the loaf tin and cut in at the ends of the base, so the paper pushes easily down to the bottom of the tin. I then fold the remaining paper in after trimming to suit.

Beat the cream until stiff peaks form. Hand beaters will work, but I use a pair of electric ones.
Add the Top n’ Fill in small spoonfuls and beat again.
Take the Flake bars, one at a time, and twist the packet to break up the bar. Open one end and pour into the cream mixture. Fold the pieces through.
Pour some Ice Magic into the Loaf Tin so that the bottom is covered.
Pour/scoop some of the cream in, until you have a layer around 20mm thick. Pour in Ice Magic to cover add more cream mixture. Repeat until the tin is full and you have run out of cream.
Drizzle the remaining Ice Magic over the top to make pretty patterns.
Place in the freezer for around 4 hours.

Take it out of the freezer in about 5 to 10 minutes before you need to serve, to allow it to soften a little. Pull up on the baking paper while pulling down on the loaf tin. The block of ice-cream should pull out easily.
Place it on a cutting board and peel the paper down off the sides.
Cut with a knife into the number of slices required.




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