Collie Mural Trail a must see! Western Australia

Wellington Dam Mural - image Taj Kempe
Wellington Dam Mural - image Taj Kempe

Visitors are flocking to the south-west town of Collie in WA to see the State Government’s $1.5 million Collie Mural Trail, including the biggest dam mural in the world.

The Collie Mural Trail town walls include 16 town murals.

Fifteen Western Australian artists and one from interstate were selected to paint the town murals with their designs including references to the history of Collie, Aboriginal culture and the natural environment.

The centrepiece of the trail is the Wellington Dam’s impressive 8,000 square metre mega-mural being painted by Australian artist Guido van Helten.

The artwork is inspired by local stories and photographs as van Helten spent time in town to understand the community and created a design that reflects them.

It has been a monumental task, with people abseiling to clean the wall, building a specially designed scaffolding platform to paint it, and the design drawn and mapped onto a grid to help the artist translate his design from concept to a scaled mega-mural.

During the Collie Mural Trail installation, the number of visitors through the Collie Visitor Centre more than doubled, with steady numbers continuing.

The neighbouring Kiosk at the Dam has received $100,000 from the $2 million Collie Futures Small Grants Program to expand its café overlooking the dam to accommodate the steadily growing tourist numbers.

This grant is one of the latest from the $20 million Collie Futures Fund, which also includes the $18 million Collie Futures Industry Development Fund, working alongside the $60 million Industry Attraction and Development Fund to create long-term jobs in Collie.

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Wellington Dam Mural - image Taj Kempe



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