Camp near the Flying Boats at Lake Boga, Victoria

I had not even heard of Flying Boats – you can also camp on Lake Boga down the road!

As you can see from our photos, rain prevailed the day we visited. When the weather is miserable – campers know it’s a good time to shop, eat out or visit a museum…

Lake Boga was the centre of a secret military camp in World War II. Heatley loves his war history, so I added the Lake Boga Flying Boat Museum to our trip!

It is a very hands-on museum – you can pop your head into the planes.

Back and front.

Here’s what Heatley’s looking at!

Lake Boga Flying Boat Museum, Vic

Find out about their mission repairing Catalinas. You can push buttons to see where the different Flying Boats helped the war effort across the world. 

You learn why this site in inland Victoria was so important, some of the people stationed here and the impact on the area and nearby Swan Hill. The film was interesting, too. 

Thanks to the Lions Club volunteers for creating this museum, reconstructing the bunker, remembering the service men and women stationed at the repair depot here. We felt it was well worth the time to visit. 

The museum is open everyday 9am-4pm, excluding Christmas and Good Friday. There is also a cafe. 

Where to camp?

The Lake Boga Campgrounds are plentiful and all waterfront. It’s pet friendly, budget priced and has facilities. It is suitable for Big Rigs through to tents. Camp fires are permitted.

Lake Boga Campground, VIC
Lake Boga Campground, VIC

If you are after a powered site, there’s pet-friendly Lake Boga Caravan Park nearby, too. 

All of these sites are perfect for fishing, boating and swimming fun. As a bonus, it is only 3.5 hours from Melbourne. 

It is not often a stop combines war history with budget lakeside camping. Find these sites in the CAMPS App and guides.

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