Great views at Calliope River Picnic Area, QLD

Calliope River Picnic Area is a low-maintenance rest area, located 26km west of Gladstone and 100km south of Rockhampton, beside the Calliope River. Visitors have the option of setting up camp above the river on the high northern side or  on the southern side.

The northern side can be accessed by turning off the Bruce Highway at the Calliope Historical Village and following the road down to the river. The northern side has one septic toilet block and one composting toilet but there are no showers. The southern side can be accessed by turning off the Bruce Highway onto the Old Bruce Highway, River Ranch. The southern side has one large septic ablution block.

It is recommended that campers take their own drinking water, as supplied water is untreated bore water not recommended for consumption. Waste must be disposed of in the bins provided or taken offsite by the camper. The amenities are cleaned and restocked daily during peak season and every second day otherwise. If the toilet paper runs out between services, campers are required to provide their own supplies.

Camping is not recommended at the Calliope River Picnic Area if local flood warnings have been issued.

Maximum stay is 48 hours.



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