Budget camping at Burners Beach, South Australia

Danielle Quartermaine Thompson posted photos of Burners Beach, Yorke Peninsula, SA and said it was “peaceful, serene and relaxing”.

This favourite camping area is 12 km west of Point Turton. Pet friendly, it has toilets are fireplaces. Fishing, boating and swimming are also available.

All designated bush camping grounds are subject to a fee and a permit must be obtained prior to setting up camp

  • Camping is now permitted at Daly Head (permit required)
  • All camping permits will be recorded on a central data base

The permit will not be restricted to a particular camp ground, but will allow you to camp at any of Yorke Peninsula Council’s designated camp grounds.

If you are wishing to camp you must obtain a permit to camp first.

This designated camp ground requires a permit, which will cost $10 per night, or $50 per week. Contact Yorke Peninsula Visitor Centre on 1800 202 445 for further information.

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Thanks to Danielle Quartermaine Thompson for her images. Join our Facebook group, I Love Camping Australia Wide for more beautiful images from our travellers.

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