Experience Gordon Country, Goomburra, Queensland

Gordon Country, Goomburra near Allora/Clifton, QLD
Image of Gordon Country, Queensland by Kyile Crothers

Goomburra Scrub is a very special place for us – our first ever camping trip was here, and Heatley’s huge family hold famously fun picnics to celebrate annual holidays.

Goomburra is part of the Main Range National Park, in the Darling Downs. It is on the western side of the Great Dividing Range.

You’ll find Gordon Country outside the National Park area, 20 km east of Goomburra. It is pet friendly and allows all sorts of camping, including Big Rigs. There are toilets, showers, water, camp kitchen, dump point, shade and swimming! Fires are allowed, too.

With 4000 acres and over 12 km of frontage from the Dalrymple and Banshee creeks, there are walking and 4WD trails at your feet. You select a site on arrival and there are several sections to choose from. This includes family friendly flat creekside areas, more remote bush camping and powered sites closer to the office.

As well as your camping fee, there is a vehicle fee $10 per car or $30 per 4WD.

What to do?

Bushwalking – Main Range has loads of walking racks, to suit all different fitness levels – most to beautiful lookouts like this one!

Sylvesters Lookout at Goomburra by Kylie Crothers
Sylvesters Lookout at Goomburra by Kylie Crothers

There’s a 4WD park including a “playpen”, once an old quarry to practise your skills.



Yabbying and more creek fun.

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Images courtesy Kylie Crothers

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Gordon Country, Goomburra near Allora/Clifton, QLD
Gordon Country, Goomburra near Allora/Clifton, QLD



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