Best for country music: camp at Wandilla Station, Eulo, Queensland

This article was written for the GO WEST and STAY WITH A FARMER promotion to help drought stricken farmers. We are pleased to say, Wandilla Station is now lush and green!

Home of ‘Music in the Mulga’, founder and co-ordinator of this four-day country music festival, Carmel Meurant has lived in South West Queensland all her life.

“It’s been running for 12 years – we hold it here on the property. People that come say there is no other music festival like it – it’s so friendly and relaxed.”

Last year 1500 journeyed to the festival, said Carmel, “It costs a lot of money to put on, just because of where we are situated – even toilet and shower hire!”

Be treated to an Aussie line of country music and country rock performers, Friday night bush dance, annual Yabby Races and Fashions of the Field events and the atmosphere of a large family gathering.

Don’t wait until the next music festival in May, come out now to experience the red soil mulga country on the Paroo River. It is a semi-arid climate, with permanent waterholes.

She and her husband David are in their ninth year of drought. Left are only 250 head of cattle and 200 goats, no sheep. Carmel said they have run out of food, but they have the Mulga.

“What you’ll see,” Carmel said, “depends on what we are doing, because we are a working property. We may go on a water run.” This is where they look around the property, checking water for the stock.

Otherwise there is bushwalking, wildlife (the area holds a conservation zone) – great for birdwatchers and photographers. When it is less dry, wildflowers are also a drawcard.

Facilities include toilets, showers, artesian water, fireplaces, BBQ and it is suitable for pets and big rigs. Note it is dry weather only.

Carmel and David will welcome you, “Come out and visit – it lifts people’s spirits as well as pays for essentials.”

Wandilla Station is 15 km south of Eulo via Pitherty Road, turn west at the Big Yellow Sponge Bob letterbox!

Book your stay on 07 4655 4065.

Music in the Mulga is May 12-15, 2022 – headlined by Beccy Cole and a huge line up for the four days. Buy your tickets now.

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