New arc treetop walkway planned for Dorrigo, New South Wales

Heatley and Michelle at Dorrigo National Park, November 2022

We were just wowed by the Skywalk at Dorrigo National Park. Interesting to hear that planning is underway for the new Dorrigo Arc Rainforest Centre and 46 km Dorrigo Escarpment Great Walk!

Artistic rendition of the draft concept for the proposed new Dorrigo Arc Rainforest Centre - Credit DPE
Artistic rendition of the draft concept for the proposed new Dorrigo Arc Rainforest Centre - Credit DPE

NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) Area Manager Glenn Storrie said there has been huge interest from the community in the $56.4 million project so far.

“The NPWS project team and I have shared the draft project concepts at more than 20 community and stakeholder briefings over the last 4 months, including the recent North Coast Tourism Symposium,” said Mr Storrie.

“Amazingly, there have been more than 19,000 views of the project website since its launch in June and more than 1,000 people have signed up to receive project updates via email.

“With so much interest, we know the community will be eager to have their say on the project and we’re planning two opportunities for you to share your ideas and feedback.

“We’re in the early stages of developing new draft plans of management for Dorrigo and Bindarri national parks, which will shape conservation, protection and visitor use of the parks for the future.

“We’re also concurrently developing masterplans the Dorrigo Arc Rainforest Centre and Dorrigo Escarpment Great Walk which will enable you to provide input into the ideas that NPWS are considering in the delivery of this project,” said Mr Storrie.

The project aims to improve and expand the opportunities available for people on the NSW North Coast to experience nature in ways that are positive and meaningful.

“We want to attract more visitors, entice them to stay longer, learn more, connect more and, ultimately, care more,” said Mr Storrie.

The Great Walk through Dorrigo and Bindarri national parks follows the escarpments, with waterfalls, giant old-growth trees and three suspension bridges!

“We’re planning to start improvements to the existing tracks next year while we finalise the plans of management and masterplans. We expect these plans to be complete by the end of 2023, allowing sufficient time for community consultation, with construction of the new walking track to commence in 2024.


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