Isn’t everyday Valentine’s Day when you’re camping?

CAMPS at Theebine Hotel, Queensland

I don’t know about you, but each time we have the chance to camp away – it makes the heart grow fonder, doesn’t it? 

Whether it is the back-to-nature vibe, fireside chats, the early nights, lack of TV (by choice for us) or the nip of port…I don’t know. But it doesn’t matter, camping is not only good for the soul, I think it is good for relationships.

Please note: I am not talking about navigational crises or reversing!

So good, we planned a Tassie getaway last year for our 25th wedding anniversary last year. Unfortunately, state borders made it impossible. And just now, we have a little window of time for a possible Tassie adventure, but it is busy down there for rentals.

So – on the off chance, do any of you in Tasmania happen to have a motorhome or campervan they would like to privately hire out?

Your pride and joy would feature in a lot of CAMPS AUSTRALIA WIDE pics! Please email if you’d like to help us out. (We’d take good care of it!)

Since it is Valentine’s Day, I’ve selected two waterside free camps – a natural spa in NSW and beside western sunsets in WA. There’s another free camp at a pub and a cellar door camp where you can romance away AND a spectacular lookout with a workout you can “enjoy” in Queensland. As well as the latest on CAMPS Pendium, here is a bare bonus, a list of “clothing optional” campgrounds.

Plus a little present for you, of a rhyme I made. You can pin it, or you can share it from our socials. I hope you like it:

To all, happy Valentine’s Day xx

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