FREE camp: Eromanga Hall, Queensland

Dinosaurs, pub down the road, a welcome hot shower and beautiful western sunset – no wonder we loved our time in Eromanga.

Eromanga’s town claim is threefold: the furthest town from the sea, the only independently owned oil refinery in the country AND Australia’s largest dinosaur! It is also on Queensland’s Natural Sciences Loop.

We rate the wonderful free overnight camp – complete with excellent showers, toilets and playground. And it is pet friendly, with room for Big Rigs, shade and mobile reception!

Driving in from Noccundra, and plenty of water crossings, Eromanga was muddy. We were first at Hall, so had the pick of spots. It is not a large parking area and it is for 24 hours only. A dump point is on the parking area side. Walk around the hall to find toilets and showers overlooking the pretty park.

Conveniently, Opalopolis Park has a playground, BBQ and picnic table. Great for families and pet owners. Make sure you check out the sign and the huge map! There is a boulder opal monument to opal miners “past, present and future”.

We loved our night here – after chatting with other travellers at the pub, we shared stories and happy hour back at camp – meeting families and couples on route to the Big Red Bash in Birdsville. Plus the sunset was perfect! 

It was quite muddy and you would need to be cautious here in wetter weather. 

Find out more what to see and do when you are in Eromanga

You’ll find the free parking area on Deacon Street, on the west side of town. Look up Queensland site 785 in Camps 11 or site 1163 in CAMPS Pendium in the Queensland book (the new box set has state by state books). If you have our CAMPS AUSTRALIA WIDE App – simply go to the map or list and search for the site name! 

Camps Australia Wide has a 21 plus year history sharing free and budget camps around Australia. Known as the ‘Traveller’s Bible’, it will help you find your perfect spot.

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