Features of the new Hema maps in CAMPS 10 and PARKS 5

The latest Hema maps are a little different to those Hema maps used in previous editions. The new maps has been cut differently with a much larger scale so that “busier” areas are less concentrated, and camp areas can be more spread out and less cluttered.

If you see a page where there are few camps – you will notice a grey box dotted border with map numbers beside.  They will refer to a better scaled map and this is where the  campsites are listed.

Hema has done the mapping and we have plotted the sites  so it easier for the reader to enjoy. All is done for a reason.

For example, check out Map 59 – there’s no camps! Look for the broken lines, and you can find “See Page 54-55”.

And here is Map 55, full of sites for you!



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