Chambers Pillar: MUST SEE and 4WD budget camp, Northern Territory

Not just a camp area, this historical reserve is 160 km south of Alice Springs and is dominated by a 50m high sandstone pillar. At sunrise and sunset, the red and orange in the rock are impressive over the Simpson Desert plain.

There are short walks so you can explore, take photos and local wildlife.

Castle Rock, Northern Territory
Castle Rock, Northern Territory

The local Aboriginal people believe that the pillar is the gecko ancestor Itirkawara. He and his wife were banished – turning into rock, his wife is Castle Rock, 500 metres north east.

Also check out historical markers – John MacDouall Stuart first recorded the pillar in 1860, and it was named for one of his sponsors, James Chambers. Early pioneers used it as an important landmark between Adelaide to Alice Springs.

Access for 4WD only, there is a steep jump up and be very careful driving over single lane sand dunes. It is advisable to have someone check for oncoming traffic or to attach a flag to warn other motorists of your approach.

Campground has a great view of the Pillar
Campground has a great view of the Pillar

Notice from Parks: You must book and pay online for designated campsites and some multi-day walking trails. Do this before you go. You can’t pay at the park. 14 day limit.

When visiting the park remember to stay on designated roads and tracks, no firewood collection, pets, generators or littering.

NOTE at the time of writing: There are road works on the Maryvale and Chalmers Pillar Roads. Visitors may experience delays accessing the park.

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