Heatley enjoyed a double feature in Brisbane – watching Queensland beat NSW at State of Origin, then following up the boy’s night with a boy’s day at the QLD Caravan, Camping & Touring Supershow. He brought home a few RV brochures AND the latest copy of the Roam magazine. 

We ‘d like to give Owner and Editor, Brendan Batty a huge thank you for listing Camps Australia Wide as No. 1 most influential product in caravanning! “In 20 years of publication, Camps Australia Wide has potentially been the most influential product in caravanning and camping, because it took the hard work out of planning a trip or finding the best places to stay.”

Brendan introduces the article by saying that “some have stood the test of time or monopolised a space. Others have changed the way we travel…”  He says that, “these 10 products have arguably done more to shape caravanning and camping as we know it, than any others…” 

Brendan describes the book as a “revelation”! And said, “Who amongst us hasn’t poured over its maps, tracing out a route and plotting the campsites we’ll be staying at over the course of days, weeks or months?”.

He states that “…it’s become the standard by which we measure camping guides (they either are or not better than ‘Camps’ if you’re discussing them around a campfire)…” – so true! 

Wow, Brandan! Thank you so much for acknowledging the impact Camps Australia Wide has had on Australia’s RV and camping industry. 


The article itself is fascinating, really looking to the history of the industry in Australia – but so was the whole magazine. It is so refreshing to read an independently owned magazine, with an excellent coverage of camping spots and destinations (my favourite bits) and also plenty of RV reviews for Heatley. 

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