Bedford Weir – perfect for fishers, birdwatchers, water sport enthusiasts and families

Bedford Weir

The Bedford Weir is a man-made impoundment on the Mackenzie River. This camping area has a great range of activities closeby including fishing, bird watching, walking, water skiing, kayaking and swimming. Wood fire BBQs and a nearby playground will keep the family happy, with plenty of shaded areas near the river bank for picnicking. It’s an excellent fishing area with plenty of Barramundi and Saratoga to be caught. Plus after a long day out and about you can enjoy a hot shower and a freshly cooked fish.

Where: 27 km North of Blackwater on Blackwater Cooroorah Road.
Toilets: Yes
Camp Fires: Yes (BBQs available)
Pet friendly: Yes
Showers: Yes (hot)
Maximum Stay: 7 days
Water: Yes (not for drinking)
Power: No
Mobile Reception: Yes
Big Rig Access: Yes
Getting There: Turn NW at Waypoint and drive 300m.



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