Absolute Beachfront: Speeds Point, South Australia

Speeds Point, Streaky Bay, South Australia
Speeds Point, Streaky Bay, South Australia

Only 16 km south of Streaky Bay, near the Eyre Peninsula in SA you’ll find a small and spectacular budget camp site.

At just $10 per night, there are no amenities, but there are amazing views. It is simply an open area in front of dunes on the coastal edge, and there is a beach connection.

It is a bit exposed so it can get windy, although it is sheltered from southerlies. Great for fishing, beach walking, swimming and birdwatching.

Speeds Point Campground - image by Jennifer Cummings
Speeds Point Campground - image by Jennifer Cummings

Subject to space, there are eight sites, only suitable for RVs and motorhomes – not tents. It might be best to walk in first, to check out how busy it is. Permits must be on display.

The dirt road and site is recommended for small vehicles only. Pets are welcome.

It is Crown Land with Council leasehold, so as always, leave no trace – so council are happy to provide this wonderful spot! Remember BYO loo and water!

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Speeds Point Campground



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