A tribute to Kym Leech

The team at CAMPS send our sad farewell to Kym Leech, who passed away this month.

He and his partner, Lyn Hutton, formed the ‘No Boundaries’ team. They had the enviable job of visiting and photographing campsites all over Australia – and helped us keep the book and app updated.

The last time I chatted with Kym, they helped me write an article on their experiences working for CAMPS – Kym updated me on what he referred to as a “speed hump” that had him “semi-bolted to the driveway”.

The “speed hump” was acute myeloid leukaemia.

“Had we waited for retirement age, I wouldn’t necessarily been able to enter this lifestyle because of this health event.” He urged: “Do it while you can.”

Lyn agreed, “We absolutely have no regrets. None whatsoever. It is not expensive, we’re glad we did what we did.”

Kym was adamant, “You can’t put a financial number on that!”

Said Lyn, “I had stage 3 grade 3 breast cancer when I was 47 – this was the catalyst that got us into the idea of taking off as soon as the kids were settled into their own adult lives. I am so pleased that we didn’t wait.”

As well as working with CAMPS they produced an e-book, “Be an Australian Nomad Adventurer”, which covers living full time on the road, and working on the road. Their website is full of travel yarns and helpful travel advice – from UHFs to towing tips, and how you can travel on a budget.

The previous owners of CAMPS, Philip and Cathryn Fennell also sent their condolences:

Kym and Lyn were an important part of the Camps “on the road” contributors, their incredible knowledge of Australia and experiences during their travels meant we always looked forward to receiving camp site information. Kym’s great sense of humour ensured that whenever we managed to catch up, fun times were had. We particularly remember a few days spent together in Karumba.

He will be missed.

To find out more: https://noboundaries.com.au

Camps books were a close companion as Kym and Lyn travelled

Cooling off at Merluna Station

Early morning Bruny Island Neck

Snorkelling on Planton Island

At the top of Australia!



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