Oi – time for planning not for tripping

Cockatoo - photo Kate Burgess @buzzystar
Cockatoo - photo Kate Burgess @buzzystar

Oi! This little fella is featured on some of our ads, thanks to @buzzystar via Instagram. Isn’t he or she a beauty?

If you check out our video promotions, you’ll see we are encouraging everyone to stay put and plan your next trip. 

Note that we are following advice – we have cancelled two trips in April. Although it is tough, especially on the kids who love their camping, we are just following recommendations to STAY AT HOME. This virus is certainly turning our world topsy turvy, we are thinking of everyone who has lost their job, or if your business is closed or at risk. 

We understand there are still travellers out there trying to get home, and others where their van or RV is their home, and they are looking for spacious, economical places to wait this out. If you own a caravan or site that is open for travellers to bunker down, please add it to our Facebook page or group. 

We’ll still be sharing amazing locations, experiences, camps and caravan parks to inspire future Aussie travel when it is time to resume travelling – whenever that may be! We encourage you to do the same on our new friendly Facebook group, ‘I Love Camping Australia WIde’ and put a smile on our faces. 😊

Now I know it is not going to be the typical Easter camping holiday for us all. It’s been wonderful seeing different backyard tent and van set-ups – so even though we can’t physically get away this year, we’ll be there in spirit! 

Happy Easter to you all! 



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