Traveller’s photo: 1770 Camping Ground, Queensland

1770 Campgrounds Salt Water Cafe
Image Courtesy Rhonda & John Denney

How good does this look?

A big shout out to Rhonda and John Denney who said this photo was taken, “on our visit to the 1770 Campground in Central Queensland. It is our night dinner view from the café attached to the campground. It was just beautiful with a lovely light sea breeze on a warm night.”

You are looking at QLD site 426 in Caravan Parks 5 or find it on your Camps Australia Wide App. This waterside park is not a pet friendly site, however, the Captain Cook Holiday Village (site 427) is. Both are on Captain Cook Drive – and the town was named for Captain Cook’s landing here.

We loved visiting 1770  – back then we took the LARC Amphibious vehicle tour to Bustard Head. Make sure you walk up to the lookout and the stop by the beachside playground.

Agnes Water beach is 6km long – and the most northern beach for surfing in Queensland. We loved the remote feeling – but best of all was the sunset on the water. Not many places on the east coast you can indulge in that!

The twin towns of 1770 and Agnes Water are surrounded by National Parks, great for fishers and there’s plenty to explore – marine life and treks. It has the closest access to Lady Musgrave Island, where you can explore the reef.

1770 is 5 1/2 hours from Brisbane or 90 minutes north of Bundaberg. Add it to your list!



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