Big night skies at Edaggee Rest Area

Those beautiful big night skies reflected on the back of our motorhome.
Those beautiful big night skies reflected on the back of our motorhome.

If you are looking for big skies, stop by Number 368, Western Australia in Camps 9, and 81km south of Carnarvon/ 43km north of Wooramel Roadhouse.

This 24 hour stopover has clean toilets, and plenty of space for larger vans. There’s fireplaces, picnic tables, pets are allowed and there is even a dump point.

For us, it was a great stopover between Coral Bay and Denham along the beautiful WA coast, and that’s why we’ve given it our tick of approval.

From our 13 year old:
“We left Coral Bay this morning heading to a free camp outside Carnarvon. Carnarvon was a cool place, it’s known for its fruit and vegies. We pulled into an organic farm stall and got a choc coated mango stick which was good and a few other vege. Then a jams and preserve place and we bought a couple of things from there. Our last stall was a really nice one with heaps of herbs and other tasty treats like strawberries.”

And my memories?  Carnarvon was lovely, windy – with lots of leaning trees from those winds. The playground was right on the water, new and so impressive I joined in for a play on the flying fox, climbing frame and swing.

At our free camp, I remember the beautiful sunset, where the boys played outside with frisbees and cards. The kids remember a “delicious dinner” – no doubt with Carnarvon produce in our meatballs, pasta and tomato salad.

Current reports say Edaggee is sometimes littered, also with toilet paper in bushes (yuk). People, please use toilets when they are available, and if bins are full – take your rubbish with you, so the locals want us to come back!

A game of cards with Dad
A game of cards with Dad
Edaggee Rest Area in WA is spacious
Edaggee Rest Area in WA is spacious
Waterside play in nearby Carnarvon
Waterside play in nearby Carnarvon
We love finding playgrounds
We love finding playgrounds

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