Charters Towers rest areas are still dog friendly

We had a call letting us know the Macrossan and Fletcher campsites in the Charters Towers area were no longer dog friendly.

Looking at these signs, it is easily understood why the traveller thought this. Dog symbols have a line through them, and the biggest words are “no dogs”. Both of these rest areas are over 20 kilometres out of town. When he arrived, it was too late for him to turn back. He was disappointed the site was no longer an option for himself and his furry friend.

Of course, at CAMPS AUSTRALIA WIDE, we verify all information before we change the book and app – and after talking to council, a spokesperson advised us that these sites remained pet friendly. They also advised that council was planning to change the signage, so it was less confusing.

The friendly council workers went out of their way to send us images of the signs. The wording actually reads:

Dogs must be under control. Owner must remove defecation immediately.

We hope that this post helps alleviate any future confusion. Travellers are concerned that dog-friendly sites are decreasing. For them, it is good to know that the Charters Towers area have no plans to change their dog friendly stays in these areas.

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