Changes to Paskeville campsites, SA

Camps Australia Wide - Paskeville SA - The Acreage
These aerial shots show the change of seasons with one taken in early winter  Images provided

CAMPS has been informed that Paskeville Oval (SA no.284) has been closed for camping. The reason, we were told, was because too many people were leaving a mess. 

This is not something communities or volunteers should have to deal with.

Fortunately for Paskeville, located at the top of the beautiful Yorke Peninsula, another camp spot called “The Acreage” has been provided 4 km west of town.

Bronte Rodda advised CAMPS that this free camp would have been unused land, and being a traveller himself, thought it could go to good use for visitors.

It is for travellers with self contained facilities only as there are no amenities, just a makeshift table. Donations are appreciated, but you would have to contact Bronte, as there is not a donation box.

Bronte said, “Fires are allowed during winter but not during fire ban season mid October to end of April, pets are allowed but must be kept under control or on leads.”

To make sure this camp ground remains open, please follow Bronte’s request: “No bins are provided as we would have to pay to have them removed and since this is a free site, please ensure all garbage is taken with you.”

See our App for the GPS of this location, it will be added to CAMPS 10.

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Paskeville SA - The Acreage
Paskeville SA - The Acreage: these aerial shots show the change of seasons with one taken in late summer the other in early winter  Images provided



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