Top attractions at Northern Territory’s Litchfield National Park – without a 4WD

Wangi Falls Litchfield NP NT
Wangi Falls Litchfield NP NT

Our Tik Tok page has gone VIRAL this week, and do you know why? It was thanks to our recent visit to amazing Litchfield National Park, near Darwin, in the Top End of Northern Territory.

This is an ancient land, important to Koongurrukun, Mak Mak Marranunggu, Werat and Warray Aboriginal people.

It doesn’t matter if you are travelling with your family, or with mates – these are our must  see and dos, and you don’t need a 4WD! 

Magnetic Termite Mounds Litchfield NP NT
Magnetic Termite Mounds Litchfield NP NT

Magnetic Termite Mounds 

The first thing you will see driving from Batchelor is a must. These huge termite mounds are instaworthy, and the kids will marvel at them. 

Signs explain differences between the magnetic and cathedral mounds, and their clever built in air conditioning. They stand up to 2 metres high!

Florence Falls Litchfield NP NT (2)
Florence Falls Litchfield NP NT

Florence Falls

Check your weather reports – as we were relaxing in this amazing waterhole fed by two waterfalls, we didn’t notice the clouds come over until BANG! A momentous thunderclap heralded a summer storm. 

How quickly we hightailed it out of there! All the way back up the long metal staircase. 

You walk through rainforest to reach a pretty little creek and massive waterhole. The current was quite strong this time of year, but I managed to swim under the falls. So exhilarating. I was out of breath on my return. 

Bring a picnic. Although there is not a lot of room outside the water, you can sink into a rockpool or sit on a rock cooling your feet whilst you eat and sip. 

After that boom, I’ve never walked up 135 steps so quickly! This site has a 2WD and 4WD campground. 

Buley Rockpools Litchfield NP NT
Buley Rockpools Litchfield NP NT

Buley Rockpool

Our family’s favourite, hands down. There are so many rockpools, even cool plunge like tubes in them – so bring your goggles. They are varying depths, but it is tempting to spend a whole day here – the walk in is short and easy. 

Access into the water varies, and may require a little bottom sliding if you are like me. Also be careful – it is not just slippery rocks you are dealing with. The current almost whisked me over the edge on one of the cascades – until I shrieked and Heatley grabbed me. Luckily, only my pride was hurt! 

This is another excellent place for FREE shoulder pounding massages under the torrent!

Cascades (Upper) Litchfield NP NT
Cascades (Upper) Litchfield NP NT


Only the upper pools were open when we visited. These are heavenly, but it is certainly a walk in – 3.6 km return in the wet season (in the dry it is only 3.3 to the upper pool, 2.6 km to the lower cascades). Parks says it is for “keen” walkers, “graded moderate to difficult” – we say rugged and challenging. Please believe the caravan park operators when they tell you it really isn’t a thong sort of walk. Take water. 

Also note, it may close in summer, due to flooding and risk of crocodiles. Lucky for us, it was open. We sank into those natural spas at the top, knowing we still had to climb back down but enjoying every cooling, bubbly moment.

We didn’t hesitate on our huge meals at Lil’ Ripper Cafe and Bar in Batchelor that night, so proud were we of our tasking workout.

Tolmer Falls Litchfield NP NT
Tolmer Falls Litchfield NP NT

Tolmer Falls 

Due to a rare bat colonies, only the lookout is open – at any time of the year. It is an easy 400 m walk in to the lookout, and from here, you can also take the 1.6 km Tolmer Creek Walk.

Wangi Falls

The viewing platform and walk was open when we visited but the current was too strong for swimming. You also want to make sure there are no crocs! We had the best time here with the kids in the huge waterhole. 

There is a campground and cafe, as well as spacious grounds and good facilities for picnics. 

Another twin fall, there is a sweet little natural spa to be found on the left waterfall, just few metres from the waterline. 

Tjaebata Falls Litchfield NP NT
Tjaebata Falls Litchfield NP NT

Greenant Creek/ Tjaebata Falls

Thankfully, we did this walk AFTER our massive effort to the Cascades. So the 2.7 km return walk seemed easy. It was pretty walking along Greenant Creek.

Swimming is only at the top of falls and do you know what? We had it ALL to ourselves. Absolute bliss and my new Litchy favourite! 

Do take care, swimming is not recommended by Parks. I loved swimming from one side to the other, and I could just stick my head through the waterfall, with the water pounding my shoulders and head. We spent hours swimming and exploring just above the drop, it was amazing. 

Under the falls, the plunge pool and downstream is a sacred site, so no swimming.

Tjaebata Falls Litchfield NP NT

You can also check out the Bamboo Creek TIn Mine ruins, and walk in camping sites at aptly named Walker Creek. 

However do bring a comfy pair of walking shoes, plenty of sunscreen, your togs and a BIG HAT! 

We suggest you ‘do the circuit’ – starting from Batchelor and driving to the northern entrance, or vice versa – it is now sealed the whole way. Alternatively base yourself in Batchelor and drive in each day. Do check out closures for the wet season, before you arrive.

You do need a 4WD to access new camp sites at Central Valley, The Lost City, Reynolds River Track, Surprise Creek Falls, Blythe Homestead Ruins and Tjaynera Falls/Sandy Creek Falls. 

Greenant Creek & Tjaebata Falls Litchfield NP NT
Greenant Creek & Tjaebata Falls Litchfield NP NT

Check out more to see, do and camp in Darwin, Humpty Doo and the Top End. 

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