Three Decisions you must make in order to travel Australia


Most people have dreams of packing everything up and travelling around Australia. Why is it that so few actually do it?

In most cases the path we lead in life we are not pioneering; someone has walked that path before and they generally leave clues, a roadmap for the follower to navigate the same path with a little more ease. Pick up this trail, grab the roadmap and follow in the footsteps… It is up to you…

Adventurer Lifestyle (a Your Trip Right Production) has been in a privileged position to spend a lot of time with people who have packed it all up and travelled Australia. Through this and through the lessons we have learnt we have put together a top 3 of things you must do in order to make that dream a reality.

1. Decide if you want it – Sounds simple but you got to get serious. Are you willing to turn down a promotion at work or take your kids out of school? The most important question to ask is are you prepared to hit the road not knowing what the outcome will be? If you wait until everything is planned and organized you will never actually leave. At some point you are going to hit the road; with this may come some fear that things may not work out. Its okay of you to realize you’re not ready, but don’t make the mistake of thinking you will never be ready.

2. Burn the ships – In 1519, Captain Hernán Cortés landed in Veracruz. It was veiled as a suicide mission; no one thought it could be done. Captain Hernán Cortés ordered his men to burn the ships, which meant they only had two options left, win or die… Turns out his men chose the former. Once you know you’re committed to going its time to burn the ships. Tell your family and friends, announce it on social media, and scream it from the rooftops. Tell your boss that you are hitting the road and your desk will be vacant. Until the ships are burnt any little obstacle that comes will be the obstacle that you use as an excuse not to go. With no ships on shore for you to return to you will be forced to overcome your obstacles.

3. Simplify what you are doing – In the big scheme of things you’re not doing anything that crazy to be honest. Let’s face it, packing a car and going on a long holiday isn’t breaking new ground. You’re not preparing for war so don’t let your brain trick you into making things overly complicated or too serious. All you need is somewhere to sleep, a few clothes and food. THAT IS IT….
Getting on the road is easier than you think and it has just become a whole heap easier. Adventurer Lifestyle is your portal as we interview the most inspiring and adventurous people in order to help you create your very own roadmap to freedom. Find out more by clicking the link below.

Guest Blogger Brett Toll



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