KARLU KARLU or Devil’s Marbles Campground, Northern Territory

Devil's Marbles NT by @dreamyourlife_liveyourdream2 via Instagram
Devil's Marbles NT by @dreamyourlife_liveyourdream2 via Instagram

KARLU KARLU / Devil’s Marbles are a sacred site known as Karlu Karlu in the language of the traditional owners the Warumungu people. Formed over millions of years, they continue to crack and erode making for a unique view each time you visit.

This Conservation Reserve is suitable for all camping, no pets, and 24 hours maximum stay. The budget site has toilets, campfire, BBQ, picnic tables and unique views! 

What to see and do?

Take your time to explore the region’s most famous landmark. Follow the walkways and find out via the information boards how the granite formations have withstood the eroding forces of wind and rain, unlike the surrounding sandstone. The fascinating geological marvel can be explored through a short self-guided walking trail and informative signage. Sunset is the most dramatic time to experience them.

How to get there

You’ll find it in the Camps guide books or on the Camps Australia Wide App. It is 81 km north of Taylor Creek and 103 km south of Tennant Creek – one of the  iconic stopovers if you are driving from Alice Springs to Darwin!

If you want to stay in the area for longer – The Devil’s Marbles Hotel has a caravan park at Wauchope. Find it in the Caravan Parks 6 book or the Camps Australia Wide App. Formerly called the Wauchope Hotel, this caravan park offers a restaurant, cold beer and refreshments, comfortable cabins, swimming and a camping area.

by dreamyourlife_liveyourdream2 - Australia ~ Travel ~ Off Road on Instagram Woke up this morning to this ❤️ #devilsmarbles
By dreamyourlife_liveyourdream2

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