Come on our Outback Adventure

The Camps crew at Long Waterhole, Winton - QLD site 486 in Camps 10
The Camps crew at Long Waterhole, Winton - QLD site 486 in Camps 10

It’s always good, but bad, when you return home from a trip! Good to have our big bed back, more clothes to choose from, and see family and friends again – the pets were thrilled to see us, too. It is lovely slipping back into the familiar again BUT I’ll miss not knowing where our stop is for the night, simple meals eaten under the stars, zero housework and although we were researching more than holidaying, it was such a remedy to all the COVID changes.

Over the course of the next few weeks, 100 lucky customers will be trialling the new Camps Australia Wide App. Stay tuned – we’ll let you know when it will be released – it is going to be even awesome, even better than before.

One really fun difference this time around – although we’ve owned Camps Australia Wide for over two years now, was the bright branding we now have on the 4WD. It was sooo good to meet CAMPS fans, who came up to tell us how much they loved their books, or apps, and how our guides helped them discover some magical spots – we were even asked to sign some we sold along the way!

So where did we venture? The four of us left Rainbow Beach, Queensland – our main stops included Nobby, Inglewood, Goondiwindi, Condamine, Roma, Injune, Rolleston, Springsure, Ilfracombe, Winton, Cloncurry, Julia Creek, Prairie, Townsville, Clermont, Baralaba and Gayndah. Plus so many towns and regions in between. In fact – 5, 820 km in four weeks, and for me – some personal bucket list wonders ticked off!

Regretfully, it’s our last trip with the Jayco Starcraft Outback with the boys almost as tall as Heatley now – they’ve outgrown the bunks. Yes, it’s now up for sale … call us if you’re interested! I’ll miss the ensuite, I think Heatley has plans for a roof top camper next!

We hiked and oooohed at Carnarvon Gorge and Porcupine Gorge National Parks. We were wowed by the Arcadia Valley – and even glamped for two nights! Four of the ten farm stays were visited from our GO WEST and Stay with a Farmer guide created to help drought relief for affected communities. And yes, still so many communities we travelled through are still drought stricken.

Initially we only met Queenslanders, but on our journey home last week, there was van after van, after motorhome and camper trailer with southerners, now the borders opened in Queensland. So we’ve brought home not only some cracking camps to feature for you, but fun things to do and see, or if you are still limited with travel – some brilliant tips for your trip planning. Again and again, we were impressed with how small rural communities are winning in the tourism stakes, with so much to offer.

Just like today’s newsletter! We cover the country – with sites from all over, even a recipe. Enjoy this travel inspiration – and tell us about yours. Please do drop us a line and some photos – we’d love to feature your adventures, too!

The Camps crew at Long Waterhole, Winton - QLD site 486 in Camps 10
Cloncurry Lookout



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