Bush Camping Central Victoria

Central Victoria offers a lot of great camping opportunities.

From the stunning high country near Mount Feathertop or Falls Creek, to gold rush country near Bendigo, to stunning scenery near Daylesford, there is something for everyone.

With so many options, it can be difficult to know where to start. The five tips below will make sure your central Victorian camping trip is a success.

Make sure you do your research first

It’s concerning when people say they will “just wing it” when it comes to their camping trip. Victoria does get cold, and while not a huge state it is worth remembering that Victoria is bigger than the entire country of Bangladesh.

Plan your trip, note where the nearest towns (and supplies are) and always tell people where you are going.

The words “if you fail to plan you plan to fail” ring true with camping.

Check your equipment first

No matter how excited you are to be going camping, make sure you test your equipment before you go.

Camping for one night in the backyard will quickly tell you if your equipment is fit for purpose.

Much better to work out problems at home than at the camp site.

Don’t forget lighting

There are many areas that while close to towns are still off the beaten track. One of our favourites is Mount Franklin near Daylesford.

While a fantastic camping location, effectively you stay in an old volcanic crater full of elm trees, there is zero lighting.

Bringing multiple torches and lighting on your camping trip is a must.

Know your water sources

Before you leave, research where water is located, and how easily accessible it is. Food is easy to carry in, where aswater is heavy and can be difficult to move. Especially if you are hiking.

As an example, if you are camping at the Cathedral Ranges on then while water is close by, it is actually hard to access.

Research whether you need to bring water or not, and your trip will go well.

Don’t skimp on sleeping bags or bedding

As a final tip, while you can save money on other parts of camping, don’t skimp on your bed or bedding. A nice warm and comfortable night means everything. At the very least it will mean your partner and kids are still speaking to you in the morning!

Camping in Central Victoria can be a lot of fun. However, to have a successful trip you need to do your research, check your equipment and make sure you have access to water.

If you do this, you will have fun no matter what the weather conditions!

Happy camping

Philip Fennell

CEO (Chief Exploring Officer) Camps Australia



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