Edeowie Station in the Flinders Ranges, South Australia

Edeowie Station - image by Ross Plant
Edeowie Station - image by Ross Plant

by Guest Blogger Ross Plant

Our evening in Peterborough was spent at the rest area just east of town. There are no facilities here and after yesterdays and last nights rain, the whole area is one big mud puddle.

Peterborough in its heyday was an important link for trains carrying iron ore from Broken Hill to Port Pirie with about one hundred trains passing through daily.

Just over an hour later we stopped in Orroroo. The main street has to be one of the widest street’s you will ever drive down.

Several years ago we spent a few days camped in Peterborough to escape some very unseasonable inclement weather and drove up to Orroroo to help pass the time. Here we found a cafe that made the best hot chocolate that we have ever tasted in our lives. Luckily for us, it was morning tea time, so we just couldn’t resist stopping in again, at Maggie’s Rendezvous.

It was then onto the B80 or RM Williams Way as we continued north passing through the small rural settlements of Carrieton and Craddock.

From here we joined the Flinders Ranges Way before reaching Hawker. It was just a brief stop for a refuel before continuing north along the Outback Highway.

After refuelling and working out our figures for our trip from Wilcannia with the strong northwesterly winds our fuel figures of 29 litres per 100 kilometres compared to 19.6 the preceding day …Ouch

Our campsite tonight was on Edeowie Station, 58 km north of Hawker. Access to the station is via a 3 km dirt road from the highway, it is situated on the western side of the Wilpena Pound formation. The station is family owned and operated and runs sheep and cattle, and now caters for travellers and they are listed on Wiki Camps and the Youcamp website…..Edeowie-station.  Edeowie Station Stay is site No. 414 in Camps 10. 

Apart from the three camping areas, there are other types of accommodation on offer.  Our site was called Malloga and was large enough to cater for our 20′ Bushtracker. Each of the campsites shares the cleanest drop toilet we have ever seen, and each site has a fire ring with an abundance of firewood lying about.

The campsites are set well apart from each other and the scenery is very special from the lovely large red gums to the imposing walls of the pound, which look even far more impressive during the golden hour as the sun is setting.

And at just $10 per person per night, extremely reasonable considering the wonderful outlook.

This is the fourth time we have camped within the vicinity of the Flinders Ranges. These include Wilpena Pound and Aroona Ruins inside the national park, and Rawnsley Park and now Edeowie Station outside the park boundary.

We’ve enjoyed cooking dinner over the coals for the first time on this holiday, before adding extra wood and then sitting back relaxing and enjoying some butterscotch schnapps to help ward off the cold while waiting for the fire to die down. Well, at least that’s our excuse……..

The best part of all is knowing that when we eventually retire for the evening, the interior of the van will be nice and toasty thanks to our wonderful diesel heater.

Edeowie Station - image by Ross Plant
Edeowie Station - image by Ross Plant
Edeowie Station - Hot Chocolate - image by Ross Plant
Hot Chocolate



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