Ebor Falls closed for $3 million redevelopment

TWO years after viewing platforms, pathways and pedestrian barriers at Ebor Falls were destroyed in devastating bushfires, the facilities which make Guy Fawkes River National Park one of the region’s most popular visitor destinations will return from the ashes, with Northern Tablelands MP Adam Marshall yesterday announcing $3 million for a major redevelopment.  

Mr Marshall said considerable planning had gone into developing an accessible tourist experience which will act as the ‘eastern welcome mat’ to the region.

“We’ve used the devastation caused by the Black Summer bushfires in 2019/20 to hit the reset button and develop a breathtaking suite of new amenities which will unlock the true potential of this stunning natural wonder,” Mr Marshall said.

“Visitors will be drawn to the three new viewing platforms over the spectacular Guy Fawkes River gorge.

“These will incorporate raised viewing areas with upgraded carrying capacity, giving breathtaking views of the 120-metre drop twin waterfalls.

“A dedicated seating area will bring visitors closer to the mist of the falls and builds capacity for cultural and nature tours in future.

“All pathways will be constructed to inclusive access standards, enticing visitors of all age and ability to experience the area.

“This universal access approach will extend to a dedicated water supply for firefighting and flushing toilets – it is good-bye to the long drop.

“National Parks and Wildlife Service and Public Works Authority will be co-ordinating the construction work scheduled to start in May 2022, with completion expected by June 2023.”

Mr Marshall added one of the more exciting aspects of the project would be the opportunities to promote the renewed pedestrian connection to Ebor village.

“Ebor village has been connected to the falls by a pathway running alongside Guy Fawkes River for several years,” he said.

“Pathways, partnered with expanded parking infrastructure and promotional signage will encourage a greater portion of the 140,000 visitors to the falls each year to base their day trip out of Ebor.

“This will be of huge benefit to the local hotel, café and petrol station with the potential for hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional income each year.

“This project is guaranteed to cement Ebor Falls as one of the State’s seven best waterfalls, according to Destination NSW.”

Reference: https://www.adammarshall.com.au/3-million-project-to-regenerate-ebor-falls-from-the-ashes/

Ebor is still a great stop on the Waterfall Way, with many national parks located all around! You’ll find hikes and waterfalls in either direction. 

These 3 pics are by Margaret Friend from our Facebook group I Love Camping Australia Wide. She loved camping at Ebor Rec grounds. 

Ebor Rec grounds - Image by Margaret Friend
Ebor Rec grounds - Image by Margaret Friend
Ebor Falls - Image by Margaret Friend
Ebor Falls - Image by Margaret Friend
Ebor Falls - Image by Margaret Friend
Ebor Falls - Image by Margaret Friend

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