Explore waterfalls from Babinda Rotary Park

Babinda Rotary Park

Enjoy a peaceful night sleep in the humble town of Babinda (located just off the Bruce Highway). This free camping site is found in the Cairns region, between the coastal Graham Range and inland Bellenden Ker Range. Babinda is said to be named after the Aboriginal word “binda” which means waterfall or rain. Either is plausible since there are plenty of waterfalls in the nearby ranges and it is one of the wettest places in Australia (receiving nearly 4 metres of rainfall per year).

The town is nestled amongst lush mountains and green farmlands and is a great place to explore if you wish to stay in the area for a couple of days. Some places you might like to visit include Josephine Falls, The Boulders and Babinda State Hotel.

Where: 50km south-east of Cairns, 10km inland from the coast
Toilets: Yes
Camp Fires: Yes (BBQ available)
Pet friendly: Yes
Showers: Yes (hot showers are coin operated)
Maximum Stay: 3 days
Water: Yes
Power: No
Mobile Reception: Yes
Big Rig Access: Yes
Getting There: South end of Howard Kennedy Drive.



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