4 Reasons to go Camping

Right now, councils and local commerce groups need to work even harder and smarter to reinvigorate tourism after lockdown, and welcome people into their region.

Although Aussies have done it tough during the crisis, we know from the surge in interest post-Covid – that people cannot wait to get back on the road.

The beauty of the camping industry is that compared to traditional accommodation:

1. It is relatively cheap – so very appealing if you are on a budget.
2. Travellers who are self-contained don’t have to worry about public facilities, and
3. Self distancing in the bush or beach is EASY!
4. You can use your saved dollars to help build the economy of communities, and really help small business owners survive.

We hope communities capitalise on that. In fact, campers tell us they are keen to spend in communities – not just those recovering from drought and fires, but also lack of tourists!

We are back planning our outback Queensland adventure, now – and it feels good! Just knowing we can venture further than 50 km is wonderful. As I write, many are frustrated that border closures are still crippling businesses, others are relieved they are still shut. Either way, we can all make the most of our own states or territories.

Last weekend we ventured into Queensland’s beautiful Mary Valley, and lunched at Little Yabba Picnic Area (pictured: Queensland site 247 in Camps 10), south of Kenilworth. We drove through Gympie, Dagun, Amamoor, Imbil State Forest and Borumba Dam. Of course, we stopped at the Kenilworth Dairies on the way home. Glad we had our bread rolls – because the queue for #1kgdonutchallenge at Kenilworth Country Bakery was atrocious!

I’ve also popped down to Coolangatta on the NSW/QLD border. You can check out some videos of the views on our Facebook page.



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