World’s largest Lego caravan on tour

World’s largest Lego caravan now on tour
The world's biggest Lego caravan at the Queensland Caravan, Camping and Touring Supershow stands 2.2 metres tall!

Have you ever wanted to sleep in a vintage caravan? How about one made out of Lego?

Me, please? I adore Lego, I refuse to pass on our Duplo, Lego or even a little collection of baby Primo. Our kids will be able to claim (most) of it once they have offspring.  Not the Harry Potter Night Bus though, that sits near my desk.

So to see the world’s biggest Lego caravan at the Queensland Caravan, Camping and Touring Supershow this week, was jaw dropping.

Firstly, it was so beautiful.  Not just any old caravan – it was vintage. In fact, it uses the original chassis from a 1973 Viscount Royal, with a ‘minimalist’ steel frame constructed to support the Lego bricks.

Secondly – it really was big! Measuring 2.2m tall by 5m long, the 700kg of LEGO bricks are held together by 70 L of glue.

Finally, there were people inside! We spotted it just as the show ended, and the ‘The Brick Builder’,  Ben Craig was still building the ceiling. Two of them were inside creating incredible detail with more than 280,000 individual plastic bricks. Adult fans of LEGO (I did not know AFOLs existed) have contributed to the 700 hours required for the build.

Full-time Lego builder, Ben, started assembling the life-sized Lego van in his garage on the Gold Coast in March.

The show is aiming to break the Guinness World Record for the largest Lego caravan, as part of its half-century celebrations.

Viscount caravans of this type, size and era would have sold for around $200 – this one cost $100, 000.

The Caravan Industry Association of Australia and Top Parks are funded the creation, and the retro masterpiece will be soon travelling Australia.

It has everything a 70s caravan would – wardrobe, sink, stove, refrigerator, dinette, cupboards with sliding drawers and even a LEGO bricked double bed.

As it tours other caravan park shows – you’ll even be able to sleep on board. Sign me up!

Update: Read about the record at the Guiness World Records website

Lego Vintage Caravan on Display
It has taken over 700 hours to build
Lego Caravan Display
So much detail with over 280 000 lego bricks
World Largest Caravan made of Lego on tour
Inside there is lego furniture
Vintage Caravan made of Lego on Tour
Make sure you see it if it tours near you

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