Climb Baldy Top at Quilpie, QLD

Baldy Top, outside Quilpie, Queensland, is minimum effort for maximum views!

Only 7km outside town – and on the way to Toompine Hotel – it is a hike we highly recommend. 

Whether you are on the famed Dowling Track, the fantastic Natural Science Loop or the Warrego Way, stop in! The 567km Dowling Track is a 4WD route from Bourke via Hungerford and Thargomindah to Quilpie. 

Baldy Top is one of the highest points in south west Queensland, so the views are superb. Especially during dawn and dusk. Our van looked so tiny from the top.

CAMPS at Baldy Top Quilpie QLD

Although steep to start, the track up is relatively easy. Our son loved scrambling over some of the boulders – and finding caves.

Plus, I love an attraction with such an apt name!

So magical is this location, events like Opera Queensland set up underneath! In fact, they were setting up a concert under the stars when we visited. I would love to get back there for an outback music event.

Baldy Top - Opera Queensland performance
Baldy Top - Opera Queensland performance

Baldy Top Lookout is also significant to local Indigenous Peoples. During NAIDOC Week in the first week of July, 2023, the public is invited there for a traditional smoking ceremony.

Quilpie Shire Art Gallery also has an opening of their annual Indigenous art exhibition.

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