GO WEST and stay with a farmer!

Four Corners by Paul Zuccarello @mariachi.abandoned.melbourne via Instagram
Four Corners by Paul Zuccarello @mariachi.abandoned.melbourne via Instagram

One of the wonderful things we do as a nation, is get behind the battlers, and help out those in need.

We’ve seen it with the bushfires and the MILLIONS of funds directed to communities reeling from lost lives, homes and livelihoods from fire damage.

We don’t want Australians in the drought areas to be forgotten – so we are asking you, our CAMPS AUSTRALIA WIDE Community, to visit these drought-stricken areas.

Rains will come (in some places have had a little), but it will still take years to recover from this drought.

So we’ve made it easy for you to help. Here’s 10 farm and station stays in NSW and QLD drought-affected regions – in a FREE downloadable guide.

These farmers need your help. Their communities are hurting. Every dollar you spend to stay on these farms and in these rural areas helps locals, and keeps jobs and small businesses alive. Rains will come, but it will still take years to recover from this drought.

Not only can we personally assist – we can have fun helping out. Simply download GO WEST in Messenger.

You may choose to make a small donation (via Messenger), these will be directed to the registered charity Drought Angels, who will purchase prepaid visas for drought affected farmers – to help keep funds in that community.

Get your guide for 10 Farm and Station Stays.

Make sure you send in your photos as you travel to these farm and station stays.



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