How we travellers can help farmers and rural towns during the drought

When will our government realise that farmers are the backbone of our country, keeping them going in these difficult times of drought – not only preserves their mental health and lives – but also the food security for future generations of Australians. 

Our rural businesses and communities, so dependent on the farmers in their district, are also doing it tough. 

But here is where we travellers can do something good, and already are. Visit rural towns, have a drink at the pub, get your supplies from their shops – or your hair cut, gas supplies or a meal at the cafe. Stay at the free camp, the RV park or the Caravan Park – and it all helps!

In today’s newsletter, we showcase a new camp, where owners are relying on us to help get them through the Queensland drought by inviting you in. Welcome to Bretims Farmstay! Not enough people understand how much the RV industry injects into smaller and country towns across Australia, but they do in Beacon and Bencubbin, WA. They offer a clever incentive to us, that keeps their small businesses ticking.

It is not just during the drought that rural businesses will need our help. Even after the rain comes, it will take years to get over the impact of year on year of drought in Western Queensland. People are walking off their properties with nothing, other are now crippled with ill-health. It is another good reason to pack up the van or motorhome and get going!

If you know of any other rural initiatives attracting RV travellers – please get in touch.

Find out more about budget and free camping sites, or caravan parks throughout Australia – take advantage of our 15% discount by entering the following coupon at the checkoutdirectcaw9.

Archie with his Bird
We couldn’t buy everything as we travelled, but certainly put $$ into country towns, this is at Narrandera Visitor Centre (home of the big guitar)
This was our view at Port Lincoln Caravan Park - we are looking for a stunning park photo to cover CARAVAN PARKS 5
This was our view at Port Lincoln Caravan Park - we are looking for a stunning park photo to cover CARAVAN PARKS 5



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