The Easter bunny is nearly here, check out these camps for the school holidays!

Where are you camping with the family these school holidays?  

After our fantastic High Country adventure, we can recommend so many more awesome locations as we drove through Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. And it was still warm enough for daily swims! Like when we met Claude and Christiane, and Ted and Caz (above) at beautiful Three Mile Dam Campground, near Mt Selwyn, NSW. The water was so refreshing and I watched fish jumping as I cooked dinner. We saw brumbies here, too.

With the school break nearly here, as well as fun farm and station stays – check out these camping options for the holidays! Click on the photos below for each location. And if there are too many squabbles, you can always try this contraption we laughed at, in this week’s funny photo (below)!

Peak season booking ahead is a must, especially with Easter coming up! If you didn’t make it in time see our best tips to still snag a spot. 

Find these sites and more nearby in the CAMPS guide books, CAMPS Pendium boxed set and CAMPS AUSTRALIA WIDE App.

Stay at FREE camps

Free camps are the ultimate cost saver for families and all travellers, whether you stop at a few or go from one to the next – check out this list from each state. Just click on the dog for pet friendly sites. There’s MANY more in our CAMPS App and travel guides …

Fun at Caravan Parks

Fun at Caravan Parks

For thrills, pools, waterslides and jumping pillows – even holiday programs at this time of year, choose caravan parks. Instant friendships are made (not just between the kids) and many families return year after year for this …

Explore State Forests

State forests and nature reserves have their own category in our App and guides. Depending on the state, they are likely free or budget priced camping and often pet friendly, with activities like hiking and mountain trail biking …

Spectacular National Parks

Not an option if you travel with a pet, however this is one of our most favourite stops with the family. We love having access to waterfalls, waterholes, hiking trails and rocks to climb! Although prices are per person, they suit the budget! …

Hidden gems: Showgrounds

Showgrounds are the parent’s secret weapon, spacious with excellent facilities, kids can climb trees and play games.  Pets are often welcome, and fees are mostly more affordable

Beach or Bush?

Beach or Bush

Whether your family like to sleep beside waves or camp at the back of beyond … you’ll find both of these options – and more – in the CAMPS App and travel guides …

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