Why we love camping on Straddie, Queensland

Here’s what you need to know for Straddie camping or Minjerribah North Stradbroke Island. We live on the beach, so we tend to camp in the bush. But here is an island we loved. Plus we share why you don’t need a 4WD and where you can bring the dog … 

Pet friendly camping on Straddie

If you like to travel with a pooch, Flinders Beach and Main Beach are your options for camping – and you will need a 4WD. Our friend’s dog, Bruce, loved it! Facilities are limited and in some zones, there’s nothing provided. Do your research on the CAMPS App.

See and do Straddie

There is so much to do on Straddie – there are three townships, each with eateries like fish and chips or bakeries. Dunwich is where the ferry lands and faces the east. Amity Point is awesome for snorkelling and boating on the north. Point Lookout and Adder Rock have access to beach after beach!

Where we camped

A highlight for us was our camp with beach views! In the I zone, toilets were located a couple of hundred metres walk each way. It was also lovely having kangaroos and wallabies around our site.

Access was reasonably good getting off the beach, however make sure you have your tyres at the pressure required. Our mate did get bogged on the sandy tracks around the campground. It rained our last night, which made access better for the return trip.

Where we explored

Here goes:

North Stradbroke - Brown Lake - National Park QLD
North Stradbroke - Brown Lake - National Park QLD
Brown Lake

(no dogs as it is national park) – windy when we visited, but a nice little white beach and lovely picnic area. Toilets provided. 

Adder Rock Camping Ground, North Stradbroke Island QLD
Adder Rock

– our friends loved the chips from the servo there. There is a nice protected lagoon each time we drove past, as well as a headland to explore. A bonus, it is a patrolled beach. So swim between the flags. 

North Stradbroke QLD - Keyholes - Blue Lake - access from Main Beach
Keyholes Blue Lake access from Main Beach

– stunning lakes! A must. Access a bit tricky and narrow.

Amity Point

Prawns from Amity Point were gobbled up back at camp. Amity Point is a pretty area, too with the campground right on the ocean and a swimming enclosure.

Point Lookout - Headland Park, North Stradbroke Island QLD
Point Lookout - Headland Park
Point Lookout

– we picked up groceries and ice blocks. Loved the camping grounds, although we had a lot more space where we were behind the dunes. 

North Gorge, North Stradbroke Island, Queensland
North Gorge, North Stradbroke Island, Queensland

North Gorge Walk was my favourite experience. See why.

Stradbroke Island Beach Hotel, Point Lookout QLD
Stradbroke Island Beach Hotel, Point Lookout QLD

Stradbroke Island Beach Hotel at Point Lookout has views over Cylinder Beach. Great spot for a cold beverage. Can get very busy, and yes it is patrolled!

South Gorge and Point Lookout Surf Club Straddie QLD

Another excellent view finder and spot for a coldie is the Point Lookout Surf Club, looking over South Gorge Beach and the patrolled Main Beach. Heatley had to try the local brew, Straddie.

Cylinder Beach north Stradbroke QLD
Cylinder Beach

– our pick for a swim. No dogs, and a lovely calm lagoon, but it is the busiest. 

Dolphins playing at Home Beach, North Stradbroke Island, QLD
Dolphins playing at Home Beach
Home Beach

is popular with dog owners as it is an off leash area, and just down from Cylinder. It was here we watched dolphins playing in the waves! 

There are lots more walks and lakes in the National Park – as well as other eateries – we’ll save for next time. Because there will be a next time, this island getaway is such a beauty.

Naree Budjong Djara National Park, North Stradbroke qLD
Naree Budjong Djara National Park

The Quandamooka people call the island Minjerribah which means ‘place of many mosquitoes’. We did not see mozzies – but there were plenty of pesky march flies at our camp. It was interesting seeing culturally significant places and reading about indigenous history here and how flowers and birds signal seafood catches!  


– also has a swimming enclosure. The boys played a the golf club, we stopped at the bakery (nice mini quiches) but our favourite stop here was the Sports Club. Overlooking the water, views were fantastic. Jade Lime’s lunch was even better! Yummy Thai fish cakes, chicken satay and the Korean pork belly and salad topped it off! A lovely end our wonderful beach camping break. 

As was a long hot shower when we arrived on the mainland. 

CAMPS on the Ferry to Straddie QLD
Getting there

You can take the barge or passenger ferry to the island. Book ahead, and book according to low tides, if you are beach camping. You’ll need to book your camp sites and if four wheel driving, you’ll need vehicle permits. Small cooking fires are allowed (unless fire bans in place) a tthe beach camping locations. 

So put North Stradbroke Island on your list! If you’ve been there – tell us your favourite camp spot?

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